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Functions & Celebrations

The solution combines all the different elements such as venue calendars, quotes, and invoices, booking reports, payments, automated PDF mailers, revenue analysis, age analysis, daily planner reports and function sheets, with minimal input. You can also mail any attachment (i.e. menu’s, package info etc.) with 1 click to your customer. Managing an event never been easier


The function sheet will allow you to know exactly what time your delegates will have their tea breaks and lunch. With Registration link you can now offer your customer a fully detailed RSVP list with no additional admin from the venue side….just by 1 click mail. All Functions & Celebrations benefits apply.

Wedding celebrations

How calming will it be for a bride to arrive and everything is exactly what she discussed with you a year ago? This is easy in Q2B with our online Function sheets, saved on each booking with all the details of the specific wedding. RSVP can be done for bride with no additional admin from the venue side, just by 1 click you can record all the Bride’s RSVP’s!


We offer real time room availability in your own calendar. No more sync or tedious updates on online bookings. A Venue can upload unlimited rooms or images, key deposits and manage their own rates, to have various payments options with automated Invoice/Quotes. To make it easier to follow up on your online bookings we combine this into a booking list report with an automated customer database. With this we also offer a remarkable first of a kind Check in/Check out application & report.

Activities and Adventures

Activity reservation and managing have never been easier with flexible timeslots. With activity monitor and guide assignments you can manage your activity bookings easy and effortless, add new timeslots and automated email indemnity forms. Your customer can also book a room and activity on one invoice and make one payment online. This link can be used on your FB and website or any other online medium.

Shows and Entertainment

Sell your special event or show tickets easily and effortless online with no commissions payable. Automated ticket generation, no additional commission payable to service providers. Easy manageable seating arrangements. Automated invoice generated with full report on tickets sold, paid and reserved. This also comes with an application on android to scan tickets at entrance.


q2b.co.za Registration Link Venues usually only record the organizer, host or hostess details and never obtain the details of guests. Q2B solved this problem with an automated registration link for event attendees, adding potential customers to your business. With 1 click you can now manage all your customers RSVP’s for their function, conference or wedding and provide them with updated attendees list with no additional admin required
Automated Feedback Automated customer feedback will reach your attendees 48-hours after each event. Feedback obtained is neatly presented in feedback analysis reports and will enable the venue to respond to comments and adjust their focus where required. Questions manageable by venue q2b.co.za
q2b.co.za Customer Info & Marketing Realizing that venues do not have time to consolidate their customer information into databases, we incorporated automated customer database generation. No loss of customer information or additional capturing required. Q2B also offer an easy marketing solution for mass mailing, easy group selection makes your task easy to promote a special event or show to specific group customers
Venue Link This link will allow you to provide access to your calendar to accommodation & travel assosiations, other venues and service providers. Q2B will automatically keep track of commissions owed. q2b.co.za
q2b.co.za Point of Sales integration Q2B Integrates with world class local point of sales systems. Eliminate tedious transfers with our automated interfaces. See our Partners page for more information